Poll Challengers Prepare for Election Day

by Kathryn DePauw

   With the Nov. 3 presidential election fast approaching, some voters fear that people with guns and intimidating demeanors plan to flood the polls. Images of militarized men lining up to intimidate voters inundate our newsfeeds. But this might not be the most disruptive partisan action that could impact the election’s outcome.

NMC Cancels Spring Break Amid COVID-19 Concerns

by Emily Slater

   In a continued effort to mitigate the spread of  COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that has killed more than 220,000 Americans, and infected more than 8 million more including President Donald Trump, NMC has once more pivoted from traditional school year plans. The latest changes take aim at holiday and vacation travel.

The Changing Gig Economy

by Chelsea Cooper

   Those chaotic early weeks of March found me glued to the endless barrage of COVID coverage. As the world shut down around me, it was being documented in real-time: on my TV, on every app on my phone, and in every promotional email (who knew a pandemic could produce so much spam?). The air was tense with anxiety and vulnerability...

Theatre From Your Car

by Micah Mabey

What the Tech?!

Election Security Challenges

by David Hosler

Game Review: “Nordlict”

by Ann Hosler

BBQ Meatloaf Recipe

by Mikayla Brady

Dennos: Michigan Art & Architecture

by Craig Hadley

NMC in History

NMC Archival Photo


by Micah Mabey

Halloween Events

by Randi Upton

Perfect Bar Recipe

by Randi Upton


compiled by Hannah Krohn

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