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Observing the April 8 total eclipse

It’s the ultimate sunblock. On Monday, Apr 8, the continental U.S. experienced a rare event: a total solar eclipse. Millions flocked to the path of totality, stretching from Texas to Maine, to witness the spectacle of the moon blocking

out the sun. Although Northern Michigan was outside of the path of totality, excitement about the event was palpable. Hundreds of posts and comments on the “Overheard in Traverse City” Facebook page sought information on where to find eclipse safety glasses, with several jokesters offering to “reschedule” the cosmic event for those who couldn’t acquire the protective eyewear in time.

NMC Prepares to Host Big Little Hero Race

On April 20 at 9:30am, the professional communications class of Northwestern Michigan College will be hosting their 9th annual “Big Little Hero Race,” which benefits Northern Michigan’s Big Brother Big Sister Program! Attendees dress up as super heroes for a 5k or 10k run at 10am, with all proceeds from registrations going to both Big Brothers Big Sisters and NMC’s College for Kids program.  Greg Saylor, a volunteer for the event and student of NMC’s professional communication class, shared his enthusiasm for this year’s race “Last year we had local businesses set up drink and snack stands, there was a bouncy house for the kids and even a clown on stilts!"

Bridges Don’t Need to Burn

On March 26, a container ship going 9 miles per hour struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. The impact immediately sent the bridge tumbling down. Six construction workers are presumed dead after an unsuccessful search. The reason for the crash? The ship had lost power four minutes before reaching the

bridge. As any experienced mariner will tell you: once you’ve lost power, you are at the mercy of the current.  There has been an uptick of fear on social media from the general public surrounding their own bridges. Consider the Mackinac Bridge, which constantly has freights pass under it. Should there be reason to be concerned?

Arts & Entertainment
Gala to Give: the Garden Gala

Student groups across campus recently joined forces with NMC staff to host the second annual Gala to Give. The fundraiser raised over $1,100 for the NMC Food Pantry. Gala attendees danced the night away at the Dennos Museum Center, enjoying live music from local artists Trillium Groove and Lily, as well as playlists curated by Audio Tech students.

Looking Back: White Pine Press Celebrates 40 Years

This newspaper you are reading represents 40

years of hard work, ink-stained hands, late nights writing, friendships formed, and devotion to cover important topics that affect our NMC community. Faculty adviser Marilyn Jaquish guided the resurrection of campus journalism, and the White Pine Press was born during the 1983-84 school year. The paper quickly became a standard campus feature, regularly winning awards at college journalism conferences. Some things don’t change much. Our team

continues to win awards today: we won 15 awards (including 5 for first place) at the Michigan Community College Press Association ceremony on April 6.

NMC Needs Room to Grow: How NMC’s Master Plan Falls Short

Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) is in trouble. The hurdles the college faces are economic, academic and social. Perhaps

even existential. As reported previously in the White Pine Press, NMC is engaged in an ongoing effort to create a new master plan for the school, which could include renovating and expanding its facilities through a redesign of the main campus. These proposals—which include the construction of a new dormitory and apartments, renovation of the Osterlin building, and the consolidation of University Center partner programs onto the main campus—should not be taken lightly. They have real implications for the future of the campus with regard to its logistical function, economic sustainability, and collegiate identity.



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