National Election Error
Lingers For Local Official

by Riley Kate Robinson

When she isn’t busy walking her dog or playing with her grandchildren, Sheryl Guy can be found inside the Antrim County building, right behind the clerk’s desk.

“The clerk’s office is a very busy, multitasking office,” she commented. For almost 42 years, Guy has worked in the clerk’s office, completing payrolls, filling out marriage licenses, working on elections, and more.

New Tuition-Free Program
Aimed at Adult Students

by Kathryn DePauw

With many across the country facing an uncertain economic future, access to higher education may be the lifeline they need. Luckily, there is good news for adults without (or currently working toward) a college degree or special skills training. Support has grown for government funded higher education. In the past month, legislation has followed to cement these policies.

What’s Got Us
Listening Local Again

by Micah Mabey

Everyone has been reacting to the ever-changing atmosphere provided by the pandemic a little differently. New restaurants and local favorites. New newsletters from businesses we accidentally associated with one time and now can’t get to leave us alone. And who knows how much of an artistic renaissance we’ll live through once the air is open again.

Photo Essay:
Winter Waterfowl

by Chelsea Cooper

A Strong Message is Created
With “Plague Phase”

by Kathryn DePauw

From Post-It Note

to Prototype

by Jason Slade

Book Review: "Gone With the Rogue"

by Ann Hosler

Disinformation in News

by Lisa Balbach

Improving Sleep Habits

by Hannah Krohn

NMC in History

NMC Archival Photo

Nissley's First Year at NMC

by Emily Slater

Futures for Frontliners

by Micah Mabey


compiled by Hannah Krohn

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