The Things We Carry in Munson's COVID Ward

by Elitza Nicolaou

   There are gowns and face shields and masks. The new air purifier helmets are lighter and quieter and more comfortable than our old ones, but after three or four or 12 hours nonstop in one, they’re heavy on the neck, and they dig into your scalp.

NMC Focuses on
Social Equity

by Kathryn DePauw

   Late last spring, the country erupted with outrage over the death of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis. As protests escalated and spread around the world, even our small corner of Michigan felt the impacts. Local protests were held in support of the...

Election Bravado Before Defeat at Local Trump Rally

by Nick Moug

   “I fight harder and harder and harder and better than anyone’s ever fought for you. We were brought here. We were put here to fight for you. I had a very easy life before this, I have to tell you,” Donald Trump groused at his rally in Traverse City on Nov. 2.

Photo Essay: Voting in the 2020 Election

by Staff

What the Tech?!

Cloud Gaming

by Stewart Jack

Book Review: “Blood, Smoke, and Mirrors”

by Ann Hosler

Cozy Autumn Soup

by Mikayla Brady

Dennos: Holiday Art Market 2020

by Craig Hadley

NMC in History

NMC Archival Photo

Accusations Cloud Election Result

by Kathryn DePauw

His House Student Group

by Stephanie Jones

Comic: Women in Power

by Winter Swamp


compiled by Hannah Krohn

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