Innovation Center Virtual “Tour” Nominated for Awards

by Ash Lornne

Northwestern Michigan College today announced that its West Hall Innovation Center Virtual “Tour” has been nominated for several Webby Awards. The slate of nominations include General Video—Advertising, Media, and PR categories such as Art & Experimental, Weird, Best Editing, and Inaccessibility, as well as the brand new Virtual Achievement in Virtual Events.

Second-Hand Goods
Crisis Looms

by Rusty Nayles

The global pandemic saw many investors putting their money into nano-commodities. In the early months of 2020, there was a lot of gambling on sewing machines, bread makers, home brewing equipment, and meat smokers. While many expected high returns within 12 months, there is little evidence of broad success.

Guide to Virtual Learning

by Zara Zoom

Tired of Zoom classes and staring at the wall all of the time? You have come to the right place! Look no further than NMC’s official Virtual School Guide to Fun. With this comprehensive guide, you will never have to wonder what to do in your free time in-between classes, or during those five-minute breaks when your professor needs to refill his coffee.

Unexplained Photos Found in NMC Archives

by Roy Stalin

New Frontiers with the Autonomous Vehicle

by Orrius Snivvel

We’re All At Our Tiny Desk

by Abe Yammich

The Return of the Pickle

by Ann Hosler

Word Search Puzzle

by White Pine Pickle Staff

2021 Headline Horoscopes

by Madam Babushka

Speed Dating For Birds

by Abe Yammich

Know Your Pickle Alignment

by Rusty Nayles

A Page of Pickles

by White Pine Pickle Staff

Maze of Insanity

compiled by WPP Staff

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