Letter from the Editor: Courage, Grace, Empathy and Community in the Age of Coronavirus

by Emily Slater 

The last few weeks have been a whiplash of ever-evolving information and societal changes as COVID-19 sweeps not only through our country but across the globe. Our lives are not changing by the week but rather by the day, and often by the hour. Schools and businesses are closing, there is economic turmoil, and people are worried about both their health and their impending financial situations. There’s so much information available to us and yet, somehow, not enough. It is a confusing, scary time.

NMC Students Face Changes, Uncertainty Following COVID-19 Restrictions

By Kathryn DePauw


The halls of NMC are empty as the entire campus—the entire Staff Writer country—waits for the full impact of “coronavirus disease 2019,” or COVID-19. On March 17, NMC closed all campuses, including the University Center. The college is currently expected to resume face-to-face classes on April 27, but the struggle to adapt to the new learning environment is being felt by instructors and students alike.

Bernie Sanders Promotes Healthcare and Unity in Grand Rapids Rally
by Nick Moug

On March 8, two days before losing the Michigan primary to Joe Biden, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders held a rally inGrand Rapids to a crowd of more than 7,500 people. Sanders focused hostility at Donald Trump and rarely mentioned his Democratic opponent, the former Vice President. “We’ve got news for Trump,” he told the crowd. “We are going to beat him, because we are bringing the American people together.”


Household Cleaning Tips

by Staff


COVID-19 Morphs Writing Convention Into Wasteland

by Ann Hosler

Campus Closed: What to Do While Face-to-Face Classes Are Suspended

by Staff

Day and Night Lightning Strikes: A Son's Tribute

by Stephanie Jones

Western Michigan University Ends Freshwater Study Program

by Kathryn DePauw

What the Tech?: Become Unplugged

by Scott Goethals

Campus Quotes: What is your favorite thing about NMC?

by Hannah Krohn

Vaping: The Trendy Killer

by Stephanie Jones

Measuring Flicks' Quill and Filmies: an Award Show for the Locals

by Micah Mabey

Gothic Cowboy, Spencer McQueen, and a Can of Spray Paint

by Micah Mabey

Shady Lady Book Review: "Sworn to the Shadow God"

by Ann Hosler

Music Review: "Not My God"

by Liam Strong

Recipe: Lemony Spring Pasta

by Mikayla Brady

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