Adventures Abroad with NMC​

by Steven Tucker

Thirteen students from NMC will immerse themselves in a unique

cultural experience this June. Students will explore Brazil on a 9-day cultural journey through large cities and small indigenous villages. Much of the trip will take place in the Amazon Rainforest where students will learn about the forest itself and how people have coexisted with local flora and wildlife.

Students and Staff Seek a Sustainable Future

By Emily Slater


South Africa, home to nearly 57 million people and a diverse range of

ecosystems, is currently experiencing an intense drought. Heatwave-like temperatures and weather anomalies, such as super El Niño events, have thrown off the country’s usually reliable rainy season, lowering water levels and soil moisture content.

What the Tech?!: Once Upon a Time, a Human Did This Job
by Jason Slade

“Tell us a story,” my children exclaimed. “A scary one,” my eldest yelled.

So I told them a tale about how they would all be replaced by robots and automation in the near future. Their eyes grew wide and they asked if it was true. “Truer than you realize,” I responded.

Jack Senff.jpg

Good To Know You, Jack: Local artist finds new life in solo career

by Micah Mabey


NMC Students Conquer Winter Baja Track

by Stephanie Jones

by Katheryn DePauw

Freshwater Society Monitors Possible Road Salt Contamination

by Katheryn DePauw

NMC Hosts 14th Annual Career Fair

By Mikayla Brady

Recipe: Stuffed Bell Peppers

by Micah Mabey

An Ode to Raduno's Porchetta Sandwhich

by Hannah Krohn

Campus Quotes: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

by Randi Upton

The Art of Giving A Sh*t

by Liam Strong

Music Review: Frail Hands - "parted/departed/apart"

by Ann Hosler

Shady Lady Book Review: "Hell Squad"

by Craig Hadley

I Hate Contemporary Art

by Hannah Krohn

Between the Pines Crossword

by Hannah Krohn

Between the Pines Crossword Answers

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