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GLMA Invades Boat Show

March 23, 2023

White Pine Pickle
Aidan Pool
Staff Writer

On Friday, March 17, the Great Lakes Maritime Academy (GLMA) showed up to the Traverse City Boat Show in their training ship. At 224 feet the ship, fittingly named The State of Michigan, outdid all of the smaller power driven vessels that were meant to be shown off that day. The academy also brought out their two small training vessels, their 41 foot dual propeller vessel and their 45 foot single propeller vessel, The Anchor Bay.

Not only was this an opportunity for the academy to show off their training vessels, it became an opportunity for their cadets to show their knowledge of navigation rules, lights, and annexes. One cadet took time to thank the Nautical Rules of the Road instructor Penelope Puff for doing a good job of beating this essential information into the cadets. The cadets also noticed that some of the attendees showing off their pleasure craft could be a little confused at times.

While the show became a great example about how well the cadets are being trained, those not in the maritime field were less than pleased. An attendee by the name of Yacht N’joyr was quoted as ironically saying, “This is supposed to be for us to flex how successful we are by having these expensive water cars. This isn’t supposed to be for those that are trying to do this for the rest of their lives. We get it, you drive a boat.” Another attendee, I. B. Onjetskis said, “You paid $100,000 to learn about boats, I paid $100,000 for an actual boat. We are not the same.”

It is rumored that some instructors didn’t even know about the appearance. According to one source who wished to remain anonymous, one instructor stayed in their office for the entire event designing license prep Powerpoints and tests for students approaching tests for the U.S. Coast Guard. Captain Roach saw the ship getting underway, but it was their lunch break and they had just lit a fresh cigarette. One instructor found out about it after the ship returned and said, “Well as long as you guys used PPE and didn’t wreck the boat.”

The controversial appearance of Great Lakes Maritime Academy at the Traverse City Boat Show is likely to decrease interest in their “open house” for the training ship on April 22. It might decrease interest in the academy in the Traverse City area, however with attendees from across the country and a great reputation for education among the maritime academies, it probably won’t affect the program too much.

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