Holiday Gift Guide

December 11, 2020

Chelsea Cooper
Staff Writer

Sometimes, finding the perfect gift for a loved one can feel just as great as receiving one! This year, we could all use a little Christmas cheer. Figuring out where to start your holiday shopping can be difficult, especially for the person in your life who isn’t easy to shop for. A gift can address a need, fulfill a want, or simply just be fun and silly. The internet has answers for all of these things, especially the latter! You don’t even have to spend money to show you care, just a personal touch is all you need. Here are some gift ideas for the special people in your life and their unique interests.

Pet Lover

  • Customized Pet Portrait: One of the newest trends for pet-themed gifts is customized pet portraits! Available on Etsy, these bestselling custom pet portraits are the perfect way to help your friend or family member show off their pet!

  • Wisdom Panel Essential: Do they love their rescue dog? Learn more about any breed’s ancestry and their susceptibility to certain health conditions by swiping the inside of your pooch’s cheek — you’ll have a report back in two to three weeks.

  • Snuffle Mat: A great way to keep pets entertained and the best part is you can make these yourself or find them handmade on Etsy! Snuffle mats hide treats like a puzzle for innovative playtime.

Homeschooling Parents

  • A gift of self-care: It’s easy for parents to feel overwhelmed with chores and the pandemic has only compounded this. Give the gift of self care—bring some meals for their freezer, shovel their walkway, or offer to be a virtual babysitter for an hour!  

  • Handy memberships: Amazon Prime for school supplies, a local zoo or museum, a CuriosityStream for documentaries, or even just a Netflix subscription for them to enjoy post bedtime!

  • Personal treats: Candles, bubble bath, some nice wine, a tea set, a fuzzy blanket, a new field trip purse, etc!

Long Distance

  • Friendship lamp: Stay connected with friends and family with long-distance friendship lamps! The lamps sync up to each other through an app and each user can change the colors to send different messages.

  • Lovebox: Lovebox is a connected messaging device that pairs with an app to go beyond regular communication and deliver special expressions of affection. With the Lovebox B&W, add a retro touch in the way you communicate! With this Lovebox, you can exchange messages, stickers, or black and white drawings.

  • Personalized map: Whether it was on a snowy New Year’s Eve, a sunswept beach, or the aisle in your local supermarket, turn your love story into a beautiful map. Where you met, tied the knot or that one place that’s special to your both. Create a thoughtful and lasting romantic gift.

Literary Nut

  • Add to their library: Brighten their day, even if they’re already a member of Audible! There are multiple Audible gift plans to choose from for the literary friend in your life. If your reader isn’t interested in audiobooks, a Kindle Unlimited gift subscription from Amazon is a great solution—the subscription service has more than one million eBooks available to check out.

  • Personal embosser: Gift this elegant personalized embosser (“from the library of”) so your recipient can “mark their territory,” so to speak. The rubber stamp will emboss your friend’s name on the page—no ink required.

  • Bathtub Caddy: Reading in the tub is one of life’s better luxuries, and a water-resistant teak tray makes it easier. Adjustable to fit bathtub size, cup holder, and candle holder, the only thing it does not do is turn the pages!

Sports Fan

  • Greatest plays coaster set: Relive the greatest moments in sports history! Each slate set comes with four laser-etched coasters depicting these historic plays.

  • Stadium Views 3D Stadium Picture Frame: A person’s first ball game is always memorable—why not celebrate it with a picture of the stadium you went to? It’s a keepsake that will last forever with etched out stadium and place for a personalized picture!

  • Cocktail ice molds: Enjoy a nice cocktail on the rocks! There are ice molds you can make right at home in the shape of every sports ball or puck imaginable.

Outdoor Enthusiast

  • Hydro Flask: Hydro Flask boasts that its bottles keep water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Definitely enough for a cold morning or a full day out on the trails.

  • Waterproof daypack cover: A waterproof daypack cover will not only keep your loved one’s backpack dry, but will protect all of the contents inside in case of bad weather out in the trails or on the mountain.

  • Quick-dry towel: A towel can come in handy on any hiking trip. From humid, sweaty trails to impromptu swimming sessions, outdoorsy people can always use a towel that’s small and thin enough to carry around in a daypack.

Remote Learning Children

  • Kid’s Global Adventure Cooking Kit: The instructions walk you through everything, and each kit also includes interesting facts, puzzles, and activities about the country’s food and culture. Now, the whole family’s at the table sharing something delicious the kids made to eat and tales of the day’s travels.

  • Children’s mask coloring kit: Available on, there are plenty of colorless masks with different designs to choose from. Let them design their own pandemic mask to show off! Kit comes with fabric markers.

  • Build-your-own robot: includes instructions to make three different robots per kit, then use your own creativity to make more. Comes with all of the nuts and bolts you will need!

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