His House Christian Fellowship

Belong, Serve, Grow

November 13, 2020

Stephanie Jones
Staff Writer

   His House Christian Fellowship is a state-wide campus ministry that has existed for more than 50 years. At Northwestern Michigan College, it has been around for eight of those years. This year is unique to the campus ministry due to COVID-19.

   Many groups at Northwestern Michigan College have been impacted by the pandemic and learned to adapt. Since the shutdown, His House has meetings virtually over Zoom every Thursday night to stay connected.
   “The biggest struggle has been connecting with each other in meaningful ways,” explains His House campus minister, Patrick Hill. “It is certainly possible to overcome, but it takes effort from all sides: students, leaders, and [the] college.” Hill expresses some of the road blocks this group has faced, saying that, “We are doing our best to offer opportunities for students to connect with God, with each other, and with His House staff while still honoring all our governing authorities.”
   The group has done various things like posting messages to YouTube, making interactive Instagram posts, one-on-one life coaching between students and staff, virtual worship, study parties, movie nights, and socially distanced outdoor and off-campus events. “We try to be as student led as possible, so if a student has an idea to connect with or serve others, we help them realize it,” Hill says.
   This group is inclusive to anyone that comes. “The atmosphere is so welcoming and warm,” says first-year NMC student Aubree Rice. “The second I walked in, I was comfortable and felt welcomed.” At His House, students can discuss their faith and share life together. Sometimes group members will even help one another with projects outside of school. It is a place to belong, serve, and grow.

Photo courtesy of His House

   “One of my favorite things about His House is having the opportunity to meet other individuals my age who believe in the same things that I do,” Rice adds.
   “Our desire is to be a group that all people can belong to, be cared for, and become all that God intended through a growing relationship with Jesus and participation in our community,” Hill says.
   “There have been better days before now, but there have also been much worse,” said Hill, referencing the His House organization’s beliefs. “We are confident that things will get worse as well but take heart, we at His House are confident that there are incomparably better days ahead for those who look for it.”
   To find more information and how to connect with His House, visit its Facebook, Instagram, or website:

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