The New Movie Theatre in Your Backyard

September 25, 2020

Micah Mabey
Staff Writer

   It’s been a tough summer. The numbers rising, hope depleting. Not to be morbid, but where has the time gone? It was just March, and within a blink time has stopped, started, and moved to another world without us knowing.
   Backyard movie projections have taken the Covid-bubble-sphere by storm in this time, and thank God, too. “They’ve been the perfect thing for the cool summer nights,” one movie go-er, Carson Clarke, said.
Friend group bubbles all across the world (and by the world, I mean Pinterest and Instagram) have taken to their backyards, either with old projectors that were passed down from someone’s sister or freshly store-bought, where the tint of green that it displays just before it fully turns on makes you feel only a tad uneasy.
   But then, suddenly, a glow of white emits from the projector. You’ve got it working! Good job. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back, you’ve earned it. Now, the hard part. What the hell are you gonna watch?
   There are options, you know. Netflix. Hulu. HBO. Showtime. Disney+. Peacock. The list goes on and on.
But here’s the fun part. It’s just you and your friends. You can watch whatever you want to watch. For Christ’s sake, you can even get your own movie theatre snacks—and you’re not conformed to choosing only what they have there or at the closest gas station. No longer do you have to hide a bottle of Mountain Dew in your jacket sleeve pretending it’s your arm.

Photo by Micah Mabey

A projector and a simple sheet can turn your backyard into a socially distant movie-going experience.

   You want a whole pizza? Order a feast from Filling Station or Charles & Reid. It’s your backyard! That’s the kind of movie theatre that you’re even allowed to drink in. Private property, baby!

   So go ahead and whip up a cocktail, order some takeout, and queue up a few old episodes of Saturday Night Live before all your friends show up—in masks, obviously. Project your favorites onto a screen, or a sheet, or an old boat sail that you strung up between a few trees.

   Get a fire roaring, too. You’ll want it. It’s getting colder every day.

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